Projects Description: Mexico Quartz Vein Mining

  • High-grade gold/silver with copper and lead located west central Mexico in the state of Nayarit.
  • Underground quartz vein mining project.
  • Vein thickness 2.5-5 meters, showing preliminary grades 3 grams/ton gold, 300 g/ton silver, 2% copper.
  • Preliminary vein strike length 100 metors.
  • Milling facility in place for the processing of high-grade precious mineralized concentrate ore.
  • Trading platform for the sale of the resulting concentrate to the smelter.
  • Production commencing in six of operations.


Month 1 &  2

    • Evaluating properties through rock assay samples, geologic mapping of workings and outcrop in sight.
    • Sign agreements  with owners
    • Negotiate and complete agreements with
                        1. Trucking company to transport raw ore to Concentrator (Milling facility)
                        2. Transport mineralized concentrate to the smelter (refinery)
                        3. Negotiate and complete by agreements with smelter of mineralized concentrate



Month 3

    Drill two holes at 50 m per hole on initial project to understand the extent, dip & down dip of the quartz vein.

Month 4

    Mining contractor on site with equipment and labor to commence underground mining operations.

Month 5

    Advance the mining process with an effective engineering plan. Complete geological studies on the next quartz vein project to commence mining operations.

Month 6

    Shipping of Raw Ore to Concentrator (Milling facility)

    Sale of concentrate to smelter

    P1 P5   P2
    P4 P6   P3




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